DIY: Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse!

Shedding? Dry Hair? Breakage? Dry scalp? Then an apple cider vinegar rinse may just be the thing you need! Apple Cider Vinegar, outside of being a condiment, has loads of health benefits, with one of those being beneficial to the hair and scalp! The thing I love most about Apple Cider Vinegar is that it’s an all natural remedy. Even though it’s not a replacement for shampoo, I do love it as a source of balancing my scalps pH. Regular shampoos tend to be more on the alkaline side and can dry out the hair and scalp which has a regular pH of 5. So doing an ACV rinse can be a great source of remedying that issue and bringing back balance to your hair and scalp. Now let’s be clear, Raw ACV is too acidic(3.0), that’s why it’s important to dilute with water. I like to dilute mine with organic green tea mix. So there are indeed, several different options.

ACV rinses also help to flatten and close the cuticles of the hair. By doing this, your hair can retain it’s shine, detangles easier, less frizz and  MORE moisture! I alternate between water and green tea when doing my ACV rinses which I perform every 2 weeks. Now let’s be honest: ACV has a very harsh scent, and it causes people to shy away from it; but what I’ve discovered is adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils like Ylang Ylang, Thyme, Tea Tree and Peppermint will almost completely get rid of the harsh scent! So, with that being said… Ready to get started? Here’s How:

You can watch our full DIY Video here:

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