Meet Kimberly Palmer: Influencer of the Week

Happy Sunday beautiful Queens, this week’s Influencer of the Week is none other than the Beautiful Kimberly Palmer, affectionately known as @Curlsadored on Instagram. One thing I love about Kimberly’s page is that she posts great information about products, their uses and benefits for the hair! Check out what she had to say in her interview below!

What’s your full name?

Kimberly Palmer

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Waltham, MA, but grew up in Palm Bay, FL, now I call North Carolina home.

What’s your hair type?

My hair type is a mixture of textures, mostly 4a with some 3c patches. I have high porosity strands that are a medium thickness and I have medium density.

Why did you go natural and how long have you been natural?

I’ve been natural since 2014. I went natural for two main reasons. First, I have eczema on my scalp and couldn’t handle the harsh chemicals and second, I figured that when I have kids one day (especially if I have a daughter) I want them to see that I love my hair as God made it and want them to have the same self love.

What do you love MOST about being natural?

The thing I love most about being natural is it gives me a chance to just be myself. It’s like, you have to take me or leave me as I am, this is what grows from my scalp and I love it. There is so much versatility with natural hair, every day is different with my curls.

What’s the most challenging experience you’ve had since being natural and how did you overcome it?

My most challenging experience is when I suffered heat damage on a “L Shaped” patch of my hair. This section just so happened to be from my bang to my crown. I was distraught and had no idea what to do with it because no matter what treatment or blending I tried, my curls were gone. I must have had some kind of breakdown and decided to chop that section down to an inch. Mind you, my hair was at bra strap length. I saw the pieces in the sink and lost it. I ended up having to cut bangs on myself to try and mask it, because I couldn’t do anything with my hair. I completely ruined my hair, having to chop it often to even out the shelves of so called layers. It took me about a year and a half of bunning EVERYDAY, but my hair has grown back and is all even and about armpit length. Never again lol.

What or who inspired you to become a natural hair influencer/blogger?

The person that influenced me to become a natural hair blogger/influencer was actually my boyfriend. He encouraged me to share my journey and my curls with the world. I doubted if I should go through with it, feeling like I had nothing to set me apart, nothing that made my curls special. When I asked him what would set my curls apart from all of the amazing curly hair gurus out there, he simply replied, “they grow on your head!” This made me jump at the opportunity and I haven’t looked back! Thanks baby!

Who’s your Favorite Natural Hair Influencer/curl crush?

My favorite Natural Hair Influencer/curl crush is Mini Marley! When went natural I was on they hunt for someone that had hair like mine. I saw a lot of women with looser textures or hair that just wasn’t a reflection of me and then I found her! She really taught me how to care for my hair and maintain my curls. She taught me how to overcome damage and even beautifully grow out a cut. She’s my fave, love her!

Do you like DIY regimens? If so, what’s your favorite?

Oh man! I wish I was a DIYer, but I stick to more store bought products. When I was in high school I used egg and mayo for protein treatments, but now I stick to the convenience of picking up my favorite products from my local store.

LCO or LOC or neither?

I actually do neither!!! I’m more of a LCG curly girl. I use a leave in, a curl cream, and then a gel to lock it all in. I don’t use oils in my curly hair at all, which has worked wonders for me surprisingly!

Pre-poo or shampoo?

I don’t pre-poo my hair anymore, I used to while I was transitioning! I would take a regular botanical conditioner and apply that before I shampoo and let it sit for a few hours. Now, I don’t even shampoo on a regular basis. I’m a co-wash kind of curly girl. I shampoo only when I feel like I have buildup and I use a sulfate free shampoo for that.

What’s your Go-To products (that you can’t live without)?

Products! My favorite topic! I’m a huge fan of As I Am’s Co-wash and leave in! They have been my staples for YEARS! My favorite deep conditioner has to be Giovanni’s Nutrafix. It’s a light protein deep conditioner, so it’s perfect for my high porosity hair. I’m also a huge fan of Eden Bodyworks Natural Curl Defining Cream! It’s the only one that works year round for my curls, even in the summer humidity. Lastly, gel! I’ve switched over to the clear Wetline Xtreme Gel and never looked back. These products make up my favorite wash day regimen!

What’s your favorite Hair style?

My favorite hairstyle hands down, is the twist-out! I have yet to master a wash and go and I only resort to buns when my hair is dirty and it’s not time to wash yet. Twist outs give me the curl definition I love, while keeping my hair stretched and tangle free for the next wash day.

What advice would you give someone who’s considering going natural?

The advice I’d give someone going natural would be to research your products and learn your hair! Once you know your hair you can easily find products that work for you and the ingredients that your hair benefits from the most. I started off my natural hair journey thinking patience was key, but knew nothing about what I was applying to my hair every week, ultimately doing more harm than good. Once I figured out what my hair loved, based on its needs, my hair began to flourish.

What advice would you give someone who’s feeling stuck with their hair growth?

Wow, I’ve definitely been there! This is a great point in your journey to evaluate what you are doing right and what you’re doing wrong! This is again a part of knowing your hair. Have you been playing in your hair? Are you deep conditioning? Have you trimmed lately and how much? What ingredients are in your products? Do you protective style? These are all questions I’ve had to ask myself when I was in a hair plateau and got myself out of.

What’s your current hair care regimen?

My current hair care regimen is what I like to call the basics for my high porosity hair. I co-wash to gently cleanse my hair and scalp. I deep condition with heat. I follow with a leave in conditioner and cream. Lastly, I set my hair, usually in a twist out, with a gel of my choice. I have the same regimen year round, the only thing that changes is a few products depending on whether it’s the colder or warmer months.

Product Junkie or Minimalist?

I tend to teeter in between! I love trying new products, however, I have a set of products that are staples in my hair regimen! These products are my go to and help with my basic regimen!

What are your social media handles?

Instagram @curlsadored

My three fun facts:
1. I’m the only American born in my immediate family. Both of my parents and all four of my older siblings were born and raised in Jamaica.
2. Super gross, but I have a double jointed big toe haha! My students love that fact and always want to see it on the last day of school. It looks completely normal so they are usually disappointed lol
3. I started doing hair when I was in middle school! I would do my friends hair (relaxer, cut, wash and style, etc) for money. I continued until college and decided to focus on my own hair journey.