Meet Suprena Poleon: Influencer of the Week

Happy Monday Beautiful Queens! We are back with another Influencer of the Week Feature! Today we will be interviewing Suprena Poleon, who affectionately goes by the name CurlySu91 on Instagram! Suprena’s carefully designed instagram page is filled with pictures, DIY videos and inspirational quotes that everyone can enjoy! Here’s what she had to say in our interview:


What’s your full name?

Suprena Poleon

Where are you from?

A Caribbean island called St.Lucia, but lives in Texas.

 What’s your hair type? (you can include porosity, density, etc.)

I am 3c/4a/4b. Low porosity, medium density

 Why did you go natural and how long have you been natural?

I have been natural for 7 years. My first big chop was in 2012, because I was tired of relaxers and tried growing my hair out without chopping it all off, but my hair was breaking terribly, and so, I big chopped. I had a second big chop in 2018, I really wanted something different and spunky. However, it was more so a freeing moment for me stepping away and being rebellious against society’s expectations and opinions of me as a woman. I made a very daring post on Instagram about it where many of my friends resonated with my statements.

 What do you love MOST about being natural?

I love the versatility. I can literally wear my hair a different way every week or every day if I wanted to, and the funniest thing is people find it difficult to recognize me when I switch up my hairstyles, which makes me feel like the master of disguise sometimes.

 What’s the most challenging experience you’ve had since being natural and how did you overcome it?

My hair growth was at a hault and breaking excessively. I discovered that my hair hated coconut oil, and it was the main contributing factor to my breakage. I had to minimize my wash and gos and leaned more to protective hairstyles like twists and plaiting. But, the one thing that completely changed my hair growth was Ayurvedic herbs. Introducing these herbs in my DIY’s helped my hair growth tremendously and completely changed my regimen. It was really a learning and growing process for me, and now I know what to do if it were to happen again.

 What or who inspired you to become a natural hair influencer/blogger?

Two reasons:

  1. One of my sisters’ chopped off her hair and went natural, but she wore her hair under a wig for almost two years because she didn’t like it and didn’t know how to manage it, and that inspired me to show other girls like herself how they could enjoy and take care of their natural hair.
  2. I looked back on my journey and realized I had gone from not knowing what to do with my hair to giving my friends advice and references to youtube videos on how to care/grow their hair, so I figured I should start filming my own videos to help disseminate my knowledge.

 Who’s your Favorite Natural Hair Influencer/curl crush?

May I choose two? -Naptural85 & CurlyProverbs

Do you like DIY regimens? If so, what’s your favorite?

I do, I haven’t placed a lot on my channel, but I really love making my own deep conditioners, hair masks, hair butters and growth oils. My favorite deep conditioner I’ve made thus far has to be my papaya avocado deep conditioner.

 LCO or LOC or neither?

I use the LCO method most times.

 Pre-poo or shampoo?

Can I say both!? I pre-poo after all my protective styles and blow-out hairstyles, and I shampoo every time I use gels in my hair for a hairstyle.

 What’s your Go-To products (that you can’t live without)?

I have so many, but, right now, I really really love shea moisture’s black castor oil deep conditioner and leave-in, along with their manuka honey and mafura oil twist-defining custard and let’s not forget about texture ID’s styling cream.

 What’s your favorite Hair style?

This is a very hard question, but right now my hair is at this awkward stage where fro-hawks are literally giving me life.

 What advice would you give someone who’s considering going natural?

Just do it! Whether you decide to big chop (which is liberating BTW), or you decide to grow it out. I would say just do it. It can be frustrating at times relearning your hair, but it’s fun and you will feel soooo accomplished once you figure your natural hair out, you will never look back.

 What advice would you give someone who’s feeling stuck with their hair growth?

Well it depends on whether there’s a stunt in their hair’s growth, compared to its’ normal growth rate, or they’re just frustrated with their hair’s natural growth rate. If it’s the latter, I would say trust the process and enjoy the journey at every step. However, if there is a stunt in their hair’s normal growth then I would say there may be other intrinsic problems or deficiencies stunting their growth and if not they may just be experiencing more breakage occurring than growth, and what has worked for me in the past were keeping my hair stretched, protective hairstyles, using a black tea rinse, introducing ayurvedic herbs in my regimen, and DIY growth oils.

 What’s your current hair care regimen?

I switch up my regimen depending on what my hair needs. But, right now I am focused on strength and hydration, so my regimen looks something like this:

Co-wash, moisturizing protein deep conditioner, leave-in/styling cream, and oil/butter, with a strengthening tea refresher, every two/three days and of course styling as I desire.

 Product Junkie or Minimalist?

Proud Junkie!

What are your social media handles?

Youtube, Instagram and Twitter: CurlySu91

3 Facts about me:
I love cats but I’m super allergic to them
I love Latin dancing (inclusive of bachata, a little bit of salsa and kizomba)
I am a scientist/chemist(which is partly why I love doing DIYs)