Meet Faranda Saint-Hilaire: Influencer of the Week

Good Day Queens, and welcome to this week’s Influencer of the Week featured article! This week, and kicking off the month of August, is Faranda Saint-Hilaire! We have been following Faranda from the time we laid eyes on her page! Her crown of curls and coils is absolutely gorgeous, thick and shiny and we are excited to feature her for the week! And guess what, TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY! Here’s what she had to say in her interview!

 What is your full name?

My name is Faranda Saint-Hilaire 

Where are you from?

I am from Brooklyn, New York.

 What’s your hair type? 

I would say my natural hair type is a combination of 4b & 4c. The back of my hair is more tightly coiled than the front portion. It is extremely dense and kinky. My hair is nape length when in its natural state and mid-back length when straightened. 

Why did you go natural and how long have you been natural?

I have been natural now for 4 years. Getting to this process required a bit of a boost. As “becoming natural” gained popularity, I use to say “I will never go natural”, because I loved my perms. Every two months, like clockwork, I was back to those creamy chemicals. Then every two weeks I got my wash n’ set with a blow out when the roots needed extra straightening. However my hair started to thin out over time, leaving me to think hmmm maybe I should go natural to get my hair healthy again. But I could not imagine doing a big chop, because I never had short hair. My cousin, who was also my hair dresser, told me I needed to start stretching my perms to 3 months because my hair did not have the volume it had in the past. With the thickness of my hair; and thick roots coming in after 2 months, I could not handle it. I started doing protective styles; braids and weaves. About 6 months later, I was over the hump and said I was going to become natural. I continued my transitioning phase with protective styles. At about eight months, my cousin said it was time to cut off my permed ends. I almost cried, but since then I have been natural and it has been an amazing journey ever since. 

What do you love MOST about being natural?

I love the fact that my hair is back to its healthy state. I also appreciate the flexibility of multiple styling options that come with natural hair. 

 What’s the most challenging experience you have had since being natural and how did you overcome it?

My most challenging experience has been after having my son. My first challenge was to manage shedding and the loss of my edges. Luckily, because my hair is super dense, hair loss had not been very noticeable. To regrow my edges I used castor oil every few days. My second and current challenge is finding enough time to style and condition my hair as I had before the baby. I used to deep condition my hair almost every week, but now I have not been able to get back on that schedule. It is hard to find uninterrupted time take care of my natural hair. 

 What or who inspired you to become a natural hair influencer/blogger?

Becoming a hair influencer has been a discussion I’ve had with some of my friends. However, I am fairly shy and felt as though public speaking was not my strong point. However I attended a New Years Ever service and I felt as though the message was for me. The topic was regarding how people will always talk and try to prevent your blessings. This year it is time to start the goals you set out for yourself. Speak success into your life and you will succeed. That next day I started my Instagram page and YouTube channel. Secondly, I had been speaking with my cousin and friends, who decided to begin a production company; tresbrosproduction. We decided to collaborate on our journey together. They have been my support team for some of my photography and videography. 

Do you like DIY regimens? If so, what’s your favorite?

Yes, I like DIY regimens. My personal favorite is making my personal avocado deep treatment. After each treatment, I feel like my hair is moisturized and full of life. 

LCO or LOC or neither? 11. Pre-poo or shampoo?

LCO has always been my mode of application. My hair is super thick, and I find that creams help with detangling. 

What’s your Go-To products (that you can’t live without)?

My favorite go to products are Eco styler gel, stylefactor edge booster, coconut oil and OGX Coconut curl butter. 

What’s your favorite Hair style?

I have two favorite hairstyles. The first is a high puff, because doing anything more required a lot of time. Secondly, I have a love and hate relationship with a braid out. I absolutely love the results, but hate the fact that the whole process with a wash takes me about 3-4 hours. 

What advice would you give someone who is considering going natural?

Patience, patience and more patience!. It is not an easy road, but once you have your flow it will be amazing. At the beginning it might be hard to find the products that work best for your hair. I would suggest trying travel size products instead of purchasing large sized products, which might end up as a disappointment. 

What advice would you give someone who is feeling stuck with their hair growth?

I feel like I am currently in that place right now. I would say try something different. It is just like weight loss. Sometimes you reach a plato; because you have been doing the same thing for an extended amount of time. It is time to shake things up a little bit. Try some new products other than your go to favorites. 

What is your current hair care regimen?

Currently I wash and style my hair weekly. I have not been able to deep condition as often as I did in the past, but I hope to get back on a consistent schedule very soon. 

Product Junkie or Minimalist?

I would classify myself as a minimalist. However since starting my page and channel, I have decided I should brighten up my horizons and start trying a variety of products. 

What are your social media handles?

My social media handle for both Instagram and Youtube is Pacifiersnrollers.

3 fun facts about me:
1. My scheduled feature day is also the day of my birthday! Is it a coincidence or a blessing in disguise? I’d say it’s a blessing. I try to be thankful for each of them everyday.
2. I would classify myself as multi-talented. I have danced and choreographed pieces from junior high through college and beyond; in step, cheerleading and multi cultural dance. It is a gift that always came natural to me, as I have always been able to pick up rhythms and beats quickly.
3. As a personal hobby, I enjoy party planning. I love diy projects and decorations. But the true inspiration is starting off with a “blank canvas” and seeing the space come to life with vibrant colors, flowers, centerpieces and treats.