Meet Shenique Shade: Influencer of the Week

What’s your full name? 

Shenique Shade 

Where are you from?

Miami, Florida 

What’s your hair type?

4A and a little of 4B. 

Why did you go natural and how long have you been natural? 

Originally, I went natural to help bring my hair back to health. After my last perm I noticed that the center of my hair was half the length of the rest of my hair. So, I searched for healthy hair tips on YouTube and came across natural hair youtuber Naptural85 and I haven’t looked back since. 

What do you love MOST about being natural?

I love that it allows me to be even more authentically me. Going natural was one of the first best things I did for my self love journey. 

What’s the most challenging experience you’ve had since being natural and how did you overcome it? 

The most challenging thing at first was accepting my hair texture for what it was. Back in 2013 when I big chopped, there were not many type 4 natural hair bloggers. Plus, society just like today, glorified type 3 natural hair. So, I had to learn my own hair and ways to style it. Once I took the time to learn my hair, I found the beauty in it and my hair really started to flourish and still flourishes. 

What or who inspired you to become a natural hair influencer/blogger? 

Honestly, I never saw myself as a blogger at all. I just loved taking selfies of successful natural hair styles I had learned to do. One day I decided to create a page just to post pictures of my hair because I found myself posting my hair so much on my personal page and no one really supported it that followed me. My following and engagement started to grow picture after picture. I would receive comments from women saying how they were much more confident to go natural because of me and telling me how much of an inspiration I am. These comments gave me life! I loved the feeling of inspiring others and it quickly became a burning passion to continue to do so. 

Who’s your Favorite Natural Hair Influencer/curl crush? 

My three favorites are MahoganyCurls, MyNaturalSistas, & Naptural85. They all helped and inspired me tremendously when I started my natural hair journey. 

Do you like DIY regimens? If so, what’s your favorite? 

Yes, I love DIY period! My favorite right now is a DIY deep conditioner I make using 2 eggs, olive oil, and Aussie Moist conditioner. I do this DIY when my hair is feeling and looking weak, it brings my hair back to LIFE. 

LCO or LOC or neither?

 I use either or, it does not make a difference for me. 

Pre-poo or shampoo?

 Both. I always pre-poo my hair before washing it with shampoo. 

What’s your Go-To products (that you can’t live without)? 

Wide tooth comb, Aussie Moist conditioner, Olive Oil, Detangling brush, Hair Butters, shampoo, deep conditioner, and a leave in conditioner. Can’t do without these. 

What’s your favorite Hairstyle? 

A twistout. 

What advice would you give someone who’s considering going natural? 

Ask yourself why you’re wanting to go natural, if it’s for you and no one else then do it. I’ve seen too many people start something because of a trend and then when the trend isn’t popping or the journey gets hard they lose interest. When you do something for yourself you will always find the motivation to keep going and give it your all. Natural hair is a constant learning experience and it’s a beautiful one. 

What advice would you give someone who’s feeling stuck with their hair growth? 

Continue to be consistent with a healthy hair regimen. Everyone’s hair grows at a different rate so don’t compare. Learn your hair to see what it needs and what it loves. Healthy hair grows. 

What’s your current hair care regimen?

 I first pre-poo my hair in two sections under a shower cap or plastic for minimum 30 minutes with Aussie conditioner. I shampoo my hair every 2 to 3 weeks in two sections. I then ALWAYS follow up with a deep conditioner for 30 minutes minimum or a few hours. I rinse out deep conditioner & ALWAYS apply a leave-in conditioner. Then to style my hair for braidouts & twistouts I add a butter-like product, & a oil (olive oil or jojoba oil), to seal for moisture. The Mane Choice & J Antoinette Moisture Repair Cream are my favorite brands right now for my braidouts and twistouts. Camille Rose & Wet Line X-treme gels are my favorite for Wash N’ Go styles. I trim minimum twice a year (I trim my own hair). I don’t use heat often and I don’t color my hair. I always sleep with a satin bonnet. I do protective styles at least once a year mostly in the summer with wigs, twists, and/or braids for about 3 to 8 weeks. I style my hair and leave it alone. I don’t comb my hair after it’s styled, I just fluff my hair and may gel my edges and I’m ready for the day. 

Product Junkie or Minimalist?

 I would say Minimalist. I don’t care too much about the hype. I don’t buy every product advertised with good hair styles. 

What are your social media handles?

Instagram: @dopenolye, YouTube: dopenolye, & Twitter: @dopenolye.