Hair Elasticity!

Did you know that healthy hair, when wet, will stretch up to 50% of its original length? It will also return to its normal shape without breaking. This is a measure of the HAIR’s ELASTICITY! Hair elasticity is rated as low, normal, and high. Hair with normal and high elasticity is easily styled with wet roller sets, thermal styling tools, etc., while hair with low elasticity may be hard to curl or lose its curl quick!

To do an elasticity text you need to select strands of hair from 4 different areas of your head. Make sure your hair is wet, so after a wash is perfect! Hold the strand securely and stretch the hair. If it stretches and returns to its original length when you release it, you have good elasticity, if the hair breaks or doesn’t return to its curl shape you have low elasticity.

This is my hair when it’s wet! And even then, the shrinkage was still ALOT! When it dried it shrunk even more, so people always thought I had hair extensions in!

How do you repair hair with low elasticity? The key is first understanding the root cause, is it external or internal. Are you using too much heat? Or are you missing proteins, vitamins and or minerals? A trip to your hair care specialist, trichologist or dermatologist can help you discover what the issue is. Protecting your hair by deep-conditioning and protective styling are great ways to preserve your hair’s elasticity. When I started hydrating my hair with the Hydrotherapy Mist, I realized that my hair was retaining moisture longer, detangling easier, and I had less split and damaged ends. Once I hydrated, going in with my Twist & Curl Souffle to twist my hair was a breeze! My curl pattern was more pronounced, my strands were shining, and coarseness was a thing of the past! If your hair is dry and brittle, and not bouncing back like it should, try incorporating our Total Moisture Repair Line into your regimen. Deep conditioning, Hydrating, Moisturizing and  Sealing in the moisture is the perfect start to getting your hair on track!

The Total Moisture Repair Collection