In the natural hair community, we get so excited over buzz words like:
Type 3
Type 4
Low porosity
High porosity

But, let’s talk about the main hair type that’s getting all the attention and hype right now… Type4 hair! Woohoo (it’s about time)!!!!
For so many years, Type4 hair; especially 4b and 4c, was looked down on and frowned upon just because of the fact that knowledge on this hair type and product was scarce. Women were natural but wore weaves, or after being natural, returned to the creamy crack due to lack of solutions.

Lately, I have gotten so many questions from:
“What’s my hair type?” to “I have that hair type but my twists come out kinky and hard” or “My hair is sooooo dry” or “I can’t get definition with my hair”.

These are actual questions I get across my social media daily, which leaves me to conclude that we are still struggling with finding the solution to what our hair really needs.

So let’s start from the beginning, the first thing I had to understand about my hair was my hair type and the texture.

First: My hair type is Type 4. The type defines the curls pattern of my hair, curly, coily or kinky.  And honestly, I think I have all 3 somewhere on my scalp! Lol

Second, I had to determine my texture: fine, coarse and dry!!!

When I understood the nature of my hair I was able to move forward with finding the right products to suit my hair needs. When I went natural 6 years ago, there weren’t much products on the shelves that provided a solution for fine, dry coarse hair. Of course, a year later I decided to solve my own problem!

First understand your hair and get to know its needs. This will make finding the solutions to your hair problems much easier!

So now that I have identified how we can determine our hair types, we can move forward with giving our hair what it needs!

Check out this video below on how I got my best twist out results to date because I found the solution to my hair type needs!